Jana Marie is a Croatian-born writer living amidst the restorative embrace of the Canadian Prairies. Through her writing, she examines the interplay between self and society as she works to both illuminate and explore the power of contemplative thinking.

What readers are saying about Jana’s latest project, The Sunday Letters:

The Sunday Letters are always a thoughtful and welcome stop during my week. You get a moment to pause, to consider and to reflect … and Jana often leaves you with a question to keep you thinking long after you’ve finished reading. I love these letters and find myself forwarding them regularly to friends and family.” – Scott Burau

“I always look forward to reading Jana’s emails; it’s a breath of fresh air, … a timely reminder to take things slow and live in the moment.” – Andi Lanuza

“Reading a Sunday Letter is like briefly talking philosophy with a trusted friend. Short and simple but deep and fulfilling.” – Megan Snider

“A welcome respite from my usual Monday morning chaos.” – Carla

“Jana keeps on finding surprisingly simple yet touching ways to remind us that the most effective actions in the world are those within the reach of everyone.” – Jenan

“Although I know I should be expecting them, these letters always come as a surprise. I feel like Jana is a friend — the smart one who reads books that intimidate you — that shows up every two weeks to share something that’s on her mind. … Each letter feels like a quiet affirmation that we are all moving through a life filled with curious people, perspectives, and ideas.” – Audrey

“In a world where internet gurus tell us how to make our life better, Jana does the opposite — she gently provides food for thought.” – Lauren Attard

“Jana’s newsletter literally puts peace in my inbox every two weeks (and now weekly!). As soon as I see it, it pulls me in with every word.” – Kalee Ball

“While I have a habit of trashing some newsletters when my inbox is crowded, The Sunday Letters is always a must read. Jana explores a lot of small-yet-big topics that play through my mind while I’m painting. When they show up I sometimes feel like I’m having a delayed conversation with her!” – Melanie Biehle

“Elegant, thoughtful ponderings for anyone. I love how each letter commands you to slow down, absorb, and let it move you.” – Lauren Stephenson